Saturday, June 13, 2009

HD! A finish for me! Yay!

Well, now that it looks like I am back to blogging, I have a wonderful finish and its all possible due to my friend Mary(hugs)cause she was soooooo sweet to send me her charts and leftover silk for rhis amazing Little House Needleworks Design! It was such a fun and easy stitch, in fact I could hardly put it down(maybe I will catch up on sleep now lol). So without further adoo(I dont know how to spell ado lol)


More Later, I need to go find something to stitch!! LOL

I have a BLOG???

Well you'd wonder as its been forever since I posted anything! LOL A friend (You know who YOU are(saying this in a neener neener way)told me to update my blog(like 2 weeks ago) So here I am, updating!

My grandbabies are so big now, Ricki just turned 2 yrs old and Baylie is 4 months old! wow time flies when you arent looking! Here are (hopefully) new pictures of them!