Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Thrift Store Score!

I have to share my great thrift store find with you, after trying to find items with the red tags only(thats the 1/2 price color today)can you believe I only found one item that had a red tag?? Does anyone else ever notice this? It seems that trolls come in the night before and removes most of the red tag items, because of course everything you like and want to buy is every other color but RED! LOL

But I did luck out, I was looking for wicker baskets and found 2 really cute ones for the bathroom(for all of daughters "stuff") and found this cute picnic type basket, both flaps on top work great and in good shape and there is also a sturdy handle, with a straw type bow. And guess what? Not only did it NOT have a red tag.....but no price at all(kewl, its free!) So on up to the register to find out how much, figuring I will be saying "no thanks" and my deal of the Day........ Ta Da $1.99 Pretty cool huh? Well....it gets better! (Its my lucky day!) Whipping out my Goodwill card, which has dust bunnys on it from I can't remember when I used it last! And Ta Da again...I get a $10.00 credit for my points accrued! Well, in all the time I was in there, I was already feeling the pain of being on my feet and bending when I shouldn't be doing too much of that, and I just wanted to get going so I could get home for a nap! I asked the clerk how long the credit was good for, a whole 30 days, and remembering the dust bunnys on my goodwill shopping card, it was either hope I get back this way to be able to spend it or if I forgot(nah not me) I'd lose it! So.......off to the women's clothing....where I found 2 nice cotton blouses(not red tags!) and a nice pair of capris......YES! A red tag at last! LOL


  1. I love this basket, looks like a great thread holder to me.hmmm, thinking I may have to visit my local goodwill store again soon. Take care,Kimberly

  2. That is a really great basket. I like it and a good deal. You can't find them at the store for that.

  3. What a great find on that basket. I'm thinking stash holder. ;-) BTW, your blog is really looking great. It's colorful and fun to come here. Keep up the great work.
    Barb in TX