Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh So Close.......

Yay! I finally stopped and took a pic of my PSS Morning Bird progress! This pic is from last night, and I am oh so close to being done! I have'nt stitched on it today as of yet, so maybe if I can get my act together today with my errands and such, I will be able to finish this up and have another finish for 2009!!
PSS Morning Bird 1/22/09
I just added a Sales/Trade album link here on my blog, so if you are looking for something to stitch have a look! I am trying to collect 123 GC to buy hand dyed floss for a couple of LHN&CCN charts I have!!
So off to start another week. I have a doctors appt tomorrow and will hopefully then have a new doctor to take over my pain management! The in between visits to non supporting docs who dont take my insurance and a trip to the ER are not fun, and I just want to be back on a regular pain management schedule, and not run out of medicines!!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend, it is actually sunny here today, though still chilly. The sunshine goes a long way to lift peoples spirits and makes happier people!! Ok so I am off to get stuff done around here so I can sit and stitch this evening and hopefully will have a finish to show you tomorrow!!


  1. Omg!! That is beautiful ,itis coming out great !! cannot wait to see finish..mary

  2. Yay! You're almost there! It's lovely!

  3. Great job, Pauline! Have you gotten it all finished yet? :)